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Interested in helping young entrepreneurs get started? The Young Entrepreneurs Challenge from Verizon and Unloc is back! It can help young people with fresh business ideas turn them into reality with a £10,000 (12,000€*) cash prize, one-to-one mentorship, a trip to the One Young World Global Summit and much much more!

Do you work with 16–25 year olds that have a tech idea that could support one of the UN’s sustainable development goals? This could be their chance to turn their aspirations into reality! The Young Entrepreneurs Challenge can help them get their business off the ground, or boost their existing startup to the next level.

Download our free marketing materials below. Many of these can be personalised with  your organisation’s logo. Use them to get the message out and let’s help young people with their first step on an incredible journey!

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Spread the word

Personalised images for social

It only takes a few clicks to create an image personalised with your organisation’s logo for you to promote The Young Entrepreneurs Challenge. You could help a young person achieve their potential and solve one of the world’s biggest challenges. 

Start by clicking the “Choose file” button under an image. Select a PNG or JPEG of your logo—around 500 pixels wide is best. Then just click “Download”. Or just click “Download” to get the image without personalisation.

Personalised digital posters

Use these images for kiosk displays in public areas. Personalise with your logo for additional impact. It only takes a few clicks.

Clicking the “Choose file” button under an image. Choose a PNG or JPEG—600 pixels or more wide is best. Then just click “Download”.

Personalised posters to print

Print these posters at A4 or A3 for your noticeboards. You can add your organisation’s logo with just a few clicks. Click “Choose file” and upload a PNG or JPG or your logo. A personalised PDF will be downloaded to your device.

Previous finalists

Even the most experienced entrepreneurs doubt themselves from time to time. Look at our previous finalists as an example—many of them were nervous and unsure about entering. Now they are flourishing and running their own successful businesses. Encourage anybody you know is thining about applying to read their stories. It could be just the confidence boost they need and inspire them to enter this year’s challenge.

The prizes

One-to-one mentorship

The winner will be paired with an enterprise mentor, who will create an individual plan focused on the winner’s key priorities. They’ll also get a series of exclusive masterclasses with a variety of industry experts.

Cash award of £10K (12K€*)

The overall winner will receive a £10,000 (12,000*) grant to help accelerate their business idea or start-up.

* Approximate Euros equivalent. The actual prize will be calculated based on the exchange rate at the time of the award. 

One Young World Global Summit

The winner will also get a trip to the One Young World 2024 Global Summit in Montréal. This annual event brings together many of the brightest young leaders from 190+ countries and 250+ organisations. 


  • Individuals between the ages of 16 and 25 years on 1 February 2024
  • Residents and/or citizens of the U.K. or the continent of Europe
  • Both written and video applications must be in English
  • Business proposals must be:
    • Legal in all mainland European countries
    • Not have the purpose of political lobbying
    • Be the applicant’s own idea and not infringe on the copyright, patent or intellectual property of others
  • Businesses must be either:
    • Pre-start (not yet trading)
    • No more than three years old and have had an annual turnover of less than £100,000 (120,000€) in its most recent financial year
  • Immediate family members of the judging panel are not eligible to apply
  • Previous entrants are welcome to re-enter, but previous finalists are not eligible


Applications open
January 19, 2024
Finalists selected
March 7, 2024
October 2, 2023
Applications close
February 5, 2024
Grand final in London

Want to help more?

If you're a school, college, university or other organisation and would like more support to promote The Young Entrepreneurs Challenge, please get in touch.

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The sponsors

At Verizon, we create the networks that connect people to the things they love, be it businesses to consumers; work teams to work teams; or employees to charities.

We’re problem-solvers, engineers, technologists, innovators and thought-leaders who create the networks that move the world forward. Networks that connect anything to everything and everyone to anyone. Networks built for innovators, entrepreneurs and anyone with the ambition to tackle the world’s biggest challenges.

Our story has been hundreds of years in the making and today businesses use our award-winning networks to make breakthroughs in immersive retail experiences and virtual fashion shows, through to remote healthcare and building revolutionary factory infrastructures to deliver the promise of the digital world.

Unloc is a dynamic social enterprise on a mission to empower young people to be innovative change makers. We strive to encourage entrepreneurial thinking amongst 16-25 year olds, help grow their skills,  get a handle on their ambitions and promote alternative career pathways.

Through our wide range of engaging programmes, academies, and courses, as well as our physical Changemaker Studios spaces, digital offer, and touring roadshows across the UK, we provide young people with the confidence, creativity and skills required to be the changemakers of tomorrow.

Through the Verizon and Unloc partnership, The Young Entrepreneurs Challenge provides an extremely valuable platform for young people across Europe to promote their creative business ideas, and take their first bold steps into a promising new future.

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Olivia Simpson: Symbiotex

Olivia’s business Symbiotex aims to tackle single use plastics in the medicine industry. Taking waste cooking oils and one of the worlds fastest growing organisms, algae, to create a range of home-compostable 3D printable filaments and pellets for injection moulding.

Anjali Devadasan: Treeva

Anjali’s business Treeva aims to decrease greenhouse emissions by generating low-cost renewable energy on your journey. They provide efficient, recyclable, vertical-axis wind turbines that rotate due to the airflow of passing vehicles.

Evan Davies: Scrapp

Evan’s business Scrapp is a mobile app and tablet station that separates waste at the point of disposal. Through a scan of a product’s barcode, Scrapp shows users how to dispose of a product’s packaging correctly.

Idan Gal-Shohet: Fibe

Idan’s business Fibe aims to revolutionise the fashion industry by utilising cutting-edge technology to extract cellulosic fibres from potato harvest waste. These fibres are transformed into fibres that are compatible with conventional textile machinery.

Marion Cantillon: Pit Seal

Marion’s business Pit Seal aims to remove plastic sheeting and waste tyres used in the silage process with an edible spray on solution biofilm. This biofilm aims to create a zero-waste circular economy whilst also decreasing methane emissions.